mixed colours

At long last and after a fair bit of planning, organisation commitments, promises and hope we can say Saint Valentines Liquorice Company is ready to head off the Glastonbury Festival 2013…this will be our 19th year of trading here…The boss Erling feels that the more he gets out of the way, the better the whole thing runs…of course he gets to organise but to allow a younger crew of folks some new and other seasoned liquorice sellers and festival lovers their place in the sunshine keeps the whole world happier…

We are filming at the festival actually for the season we have a camera gal working away..so look smart and show us your best smile..

Another thing we are doing this year is our summer raffle..the prize is 2 FREE Bestival tickets..we just want you to join our mailing list..check the stall in B market for details.

We hope to see many new faces and many familiar ones at the Farm, Roll on Glasto lets have a great time together.


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