Saint Valentines Christmas Gift Bag


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Liquorice Christmas gift bag

This is the Saint Valenties Liquorice Christmas Gift Bag! What a delight for the Liquorice Lover in your life, to wake up on Christmas morning or another occasion and be presented with this serious Liquorice experience all wrapped up in an attractive seethrough bag with ribbon and gift tag… They won’t be able to wait to see whats inside!…inside they’ll find a combination of our most delicious liquorices and candies including our Mixed bag with eleven different flavours of fondant filled liquorices and candies, such as strawberry, mint and lemon fondant filled Italian sticks and tutti frutti, watermelon and blueberry candies. There will be some delicious black liquorice wheels to chew their way through. Plus an assortment of little liquorice mouthful delights in flavours such as banana, Apple and chocolate. Some of our customers regularly buy this liquorice Christmas gift bag, not just for Christmas (as it is available all year round…just remove the Christmas tag). This Liquorice Christmas gift bag can easily become a Liquorice Birthday bag an end of term Thank you! Bag a congratulations on your exam results bag! A well done you passed your driving test Liquorice bag! In fact it’s endless all you need to do is remove the Christmas tag and either add your desired card or just sing song at the top of your voice “well done darling I love you!” How’s that for spreading the word of happiness and love all over the land hooray for liquorice! Hooray for appreciation! Hooray for you! Have a great day today! (We’re all excited now, think we better go and pack up some more of these wonderful gifts so you can get on and spread the love!) thank you for doing that.

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Weight 730 g
country / origin

Dutch, Finland, Italian

liquorice type

Candy, Chocolate, Hard, Natural, Soft, Sweet




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