Original Salt Liquorice – six stick bag


Our Delicious Italian Salt Liquorice Twists in a handy six stick bag.

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Original Salt Liquorice

Chewy delicious finest quality salt liquorice in a six stick bag. This delicious salt liquorice is made in Italy and is of excellent quality for those of you who already love salt liquorice then this is one for you! Some people flock to our stall at shows and events and this is all they’re after! You could say it is an acquired taste and if you come from Scandinavian countries then you will have grown up with salt liquorice as part of your childhood experience of sweets. Now though we have many customers in the UK who have sampled this liquorice with us, at first just intrigued. A bite is taken (usually a really small nibble) a questioning thoughtful look on the face to follow and then a few moments of just pure tasting experience as they compute the complexities of the flavour. Most people by now want to buy some so they can check in again and try and work out just what’s going on with their taste buds. Usually, but not always the result is a lover of this for life. There are many types of salt Liquorice and this can be the beginning of a beautiful new adventure. Once you are ready to try something a bit more challenging we would point you towards our soft Finnish Liquorice. The Soft Finnish Liquorice is much stronger in it’s salty taste and some folkes just can’t live without it, how about you?

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